úterý 9. září 2014


In spring 2013 I was contacted by my breeding friend Natalyia Cheltsova (BASILEUS). She said she had no breeding male at that time, because all her new males are too young to mate. 

I tried to help her out and I offered her my boy INDU SILVI-COLA for mating. Indu was supposed to mate African Mimicry of Adelheid (my offspring) and eventually, one of the daughters of Mimi that lived in Natalyia´s cattery.

                                       My boy Indu Silvi-Cola 

Nataylia came to my home with her friend Alyona and we spent some days together. They were my guests. I drove them around, I cooked for them, took Natalyia to my vet to made EU passports for her cats, ordered Natalyia dry food she couldn´t get in Russia etc. etc... 

Natalyia came to me on her way to Milan with couple of her cats and her bullmastif puppies she was selling and transporting from Russia to Europe. She stopped by on her way back too and took my boy INDU SILVI-COLA with her.

                 Natalyia (right) and Alyona (left) at my home in 2013

                                          Checking out the cats

                          Having fun after shopping for new clothes

                                        Natalyia her old-self

Natalyia took my stud Indu Silvi-Cola with her to Russia. 
We agreed on several conditions of his stay in Basileus.

Natalyia Cheltsova (BASILEUS) had my full trust at that moment as we were considered to be breeding friends.

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